Diabetes, Metabolic & PIR Program

Specialized Diabetes & Metabolic Program

Diabetes, Metabolic & PIR Program - Restore First Health

Our care team is certified in providing better outcomes and ease of symptoms through a specialized Diabetes & Metabolic Program. Our advanced treatment to address metabolic failure has an amazing impact on the lives of patients with Type 1, Type 2 and pre-diabetes as well as neuropathy and hypertension.

This new FDA approved approach is supported by research and is changing the typical response of diabetes in the human body. Through this patented technique, we have consistently seen a reduction of the effects of diabetes on the body and even reverse some of the damaging parts of this disease.

The process is called Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR).

What is Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR)?

PIR is a new, approved treatment that uses insulin as provided as a hormone instead of a drug. This allows the body to address the primary cause of metabolic failure.

Using insulin in this manner reduces insulin resistance & increases cellular energy. The body then uses this energy to promote healing, repair and regenerate our organs and tissues. The body then has the opportunity to stabilize and many times reverse complications associated with diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

In diabetic wound patients who participate in this program, we have found increased speed and ability of wound healing.

Beyond Diabetes

This program also helps patients who experience other medical symptoms find relief.

Some of the benefits of our program:

  • Reduction of Diabetic Medication
  • Improved Blood Sugar Control
  • Overall Relief of Symptoms Caused by Diabetes
  • Neuropathy diminished
  • Energy restored
  • Better Weight control
  • Erectile function restored
  • Amputations prevented
  • Mood and sleep improved
  • Dementia mitigated
  • Alzheimer's alleviated
  • Stroke recovery accelerated
  • Fatty Liver reduced

How to Prepare for your PIR Infusion

Here are a few tips from our clinicians about the best approach to preparing for your PIR infusion!
How do I prepare for my PIR injections?

*PIR currently offered in Georgia. Coming soon in NJ.