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How do I prepare for my DNT Infusion?

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

How do I prepare for my DNT Infusion?
How do I prepare for my DNT infusion? - Restore First Health

Here are a few tips from our clinicians about the best approach to preparing for your DNT infusion!

What should I bring with me?

Some patients like to bring an iPad, book, or headphones as the infusions run for 2-3 hours to keep themselves occupied. We have blankets, but if you want to bring your own from home, you are more than welcome!

What should I eat or drink beforehand?

Make sure to eat some sort of carb/protein combination beforehand if you can. Some good options are scrambled eggs and toast, protein smoothie, turkey sandwich, etc.

It’s always good to drink more water. Try to avoid coffee with a lot of sugar/sweeteners in it before the infusion if possible.

What is the best post infusion snack?

We will provide you with a granola bar or crackers, but make sure to eat a well balanced meal for either lunch or dinner following your infusion.

Can I drive?

Yes, you can drive! If we are concerned about your blood sugar being too low, we will keep you in the office to monitor you until our clinicians clear you and you feel good enough to drive.

How will I feel following my infusion?

Following your infusion, most patients report an increase in energy the following day and improved sleep the night of the infusion.

Can I resume activities right away?

Yes, you can 100% resume all your normal activities after your infusion!