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Restore First Health
In-Home (Bedside)
Advanced Care for Chronic Wounds

Serving Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and Florida

Partnerships and Collaboration with Home Health, Assisted Living, Health Systems, and patients in the community in need of at-home chronic wound care.

A Unique Treatment Solution

Restore First Health offers a proven, advanced therapy for the treatment of chronic wounds. Our advanced high quality wound care includes utilizing innovative technology and bedside debridement along with other modalities that promote wound healing. Our patients are thoroughly evaluated for co-morbid conditions that may impact their wound healing and utilizes community experts to ensure a holistic approach to care.

Our clinical team evaluates, measures, and examines the wounds, visiting the patients in their home once a week, addressing the not only the wound, but the whole patient. Patients normally begin to experience healing within the first few applications!

Wounds We Care For

We offer bedside, on-site services and facility partnerships to best coordinate care.

  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Sacral Ulcers
  • Arterial Wounds
  • Venous Wounds
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Long term wounds that have not healed…

RFH Clinical Team does not replace traditional wound care. We collaborate with teams to bring our specialized therapy.

Patient / Family Testimonials

We are local community members - partnering with local home health, assisted living, and long term care. We also welcome patients who care for themselves or loved ones at home who need chronic wound care.

Patient Testimonial

Family Sees Hope

Care Coordination

The cornerstone to our program is care coordination for every patient and provider.

From the first phone call or referral to our initial at home evaluation and therapy, we inform, communicate and ensure all of our patients and their care providers are on the same page at all times.

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Our dedicated wound care coordinator:

  • Schedules your consultations and appointments
  • Verifies and pre-authorizes insurance
  • Communicates with current care physicians or providers
  • Provides medical updates to authorized providers for continuity of care
  • Checks in regularly to ensure quality of care and positive outcomes

The RFH Difference

We have vast experience in care coordination and management of chronic wounds providing a one-on-one wound care coordinator.

  • We come to you for evaluation and treatment.
  • We ensure your insurance is verified and authorized in advance of treatment, so there are no surprise costs.
  • Through the entire process, we coordinate with your PCP or Home Care Provider to work in concert with all of your overall healthcare needs.
  • We are committed to excellence in wound care and document your progress each step of the way to share with your clinical team.
  • Your care is what matters most to us, and if we can’t help you - we will help you find a way towards better health.

Partnerships, community relationships, and exceeding the needs of our patients through quality wound therapy is our commitment to better health.

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We want to hear how best we can meet your needs!

Schedule a Lunch-N-Learn to hear more from our team about our collaborative process and how to best schedule visits!

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What Our Patients, Families and Providers have to say...

"Restore First Health is a wonderful service. They are so professional and caring in treating their patient. Maribel and Nellie were wonderful in taking care of my mother’s wound. They showed so much compassion and gentleness. Through their treatment they were able to heal my mom’s wound quickly and painlessly. I also want to thank them for taking time to instruct me how to treat the wound. Maribel and Nellie have truly been given a gift and I thank them for sharing that gift. Restore First Health is blessed to have you."
– Joan Kirbos