About Restore First Health

A Specialized Medical Practice

Welcome to Restore First Health, a specialized medical practice focused on non-invasive therapies for advanced wound care, Diabetes & Metabolic disorders and chronic knee pain.

Our therapy protocols for each of our clinical areas of expertise utilizes a holistic approach to healing - focused on YOU and your goals towards better health.

Wound Care

Patients or healthcare partners who seek treatment for chronic wounds that do not respond or have stalled from conventional wound care can find a new, Medicare approved method of healing with the use of an amniotic allograft. Many patients seek our care in the comfort of their home, or living facility if they are not mobile to come into one of our offices.

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PIR Program

Our PIR Program, for patients who have pre-diabetes, diabetes and other metabolic disorders have access to a revolutionary treatment of insulin infusion therapy that can reverse the symptoms and side effects associated with diabetes.

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Chronic Knee Pain Relief

Chronic knee pain often leads patients to think surgery is the only option. Our approach is much different. We use a specialized hyaluronic acid injection to cushion the knee joints leading to decreased pain, increased movement and overall wellness.

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