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Access to Advanced Wound Care at the Bedside Expands Across US

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Access to Advanced Wound Care at the Bedside Expands Across US
Restore First Health Announces Additional Regions for Patient Care

Atlanta, Georgia – Restore First Health (RFH) expands access to advanced wound care in Florida, Colorado and Kansas, creating opportunities for more patients across the country to heal from chronic wounds. Formerly known as Restore Wound Care, based in Thornton, Colorado and Restore Medical Group Midwest, based in Wichita, Kansas, will now become part of the Restore First Health mobile wound program headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.

“As we expand RFH throughout the country based on the incredible foundation we have built over the past four years, our goal is to create a national presence to reach more patients who need our advanced care at the bedside,” said John Fish, CEO at Restore First Health.

Working in collaboration with home health companies, health systems, clinics, traveling physicians and families themselves, RFH has grown over the past four years from its headquarters in the Atlanta, Georgia region to now reaching patients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida with expansion continuing in Colorado, Kansas, and Texas.

A leader in bedside care management of chronic wounds, clinicians’ expertise in wound care allow for high-level care coordination to see a patient’s holistic needs to management of chronic wounds. RFH creates local partnerships with other medical providers and agencies to increase efficiency in care.

“We care for the forgotten,” says our CEO John Fish. “Most often, patients who suffer from chronic wounds have had them for months, or even years without access to advanced care because of their inability to travel or mobilize. Our program reaches into the depths of our communities to help patients and families at the bedside find a resource for healing.”

With an increasing trend towards better care management in the home setting, RFH locations align to create regional hubs for deployment of care. Strategic partnerships in each community is critical to these patients, and RFH has a team of people who work to connect all the providers and care teams for each and every patient.

“Communication is our cornerstone for success as we work with a patient's entire care team and family to bring healing to patients who are often unable to leave their homes”, said Shawn Barrieau, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our goal is to build our chronic wound program while supporting innovation and collaboration with partners in wound care along the way.”

Restore First Health for advanced wound care was established in 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Focused on innovative approaches to advanced wound care at the bedside, the program is now caring for patients in Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Kansas and Florida.